Retail Protection Services

Retail Protection

Our Security Agency has offices in the following locations:

Hamilton Office | Mississauga Office | Niagara Falls Office | Toronto Office | Waterloo Office

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AJ-Spider Security and Investigation Service is a growing company serving Southern Ontario, with our main headquarters in Hamilton. We also have offices in Niagara Falls, Toronto and Mississauga. Wherever you are, and whatever your needs, AJ-Spider is at hand to serve you.

Our Retail Security Service Department focuses on creating industry-leading, state-of-the-art security programs catered to meet our clients’ individual security needs. Our courteous and professional Security Guards as well as Support Staff are thoroughly trained in retail security and customer service to help you provide a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers and workplace for your employees . Our focus on innovative technology as well as our commitment to specialized and ongoing training programs enables our company to deliver exceptional service.

At AJ-Spider Security we understand that a Shopping Centre is a unique and highly public space that requires a dedicated and adaptable service provider. Our commitment to constantly working to advance and improve our Retail Security Service is what sets us apart, we are willing to go above and beyond on a daily basis to help you safeguard your property.

Services Provided to the Retail Marketplace Include:

  • Security guards thoroughly trained for retail with a focus on customer service
  • Innovative technological solutions that make sense in a retail/shopping centre environment
  • Risk mitigation and loss prevention strategies and training
  • Operations centre providing 24/7 support to our clients and staff
  • Additional security resources on demand for special events, construction projects, fire watch or emergencies
  • Foot and vehicle patrol covering all interior and exterior areas of the facility
  • Execute security services as outlined in site-specific post-orders
  • Observe and report suspicious persons and activities
  • Detailed narrative reports and daily occurrence reports
  • Enforcement of rules, regulations, policies, procedures
  • Quick response to emergency situations
  • Security consulting and risk assessment tailored to your specific retail needs
  • Fire safety services including fire plans, training, drills and exercises
  • Emergency management and business continuity support
  • Development of KPIs and bench-marking with like organizations