Security Guard Service Toronto

Loss Prevention Services by Security Guards

Loss Prevention


  • Loss Prevention and Compliance Audits.
  • Evaluation of store systems and procedures, along with the development and implementation of loss prevention programs.
  • Store Investigator Services.
  • Mystery shoppers.
  • Surveillance and apprehension of criminal activity.
  • Follow up with police services, charges laid and court appearances.
  • Quality of service and integrity checks.
  • Internal Investigations.
  • Investigations of fraud and theft.
  • Security Awareness Workshops.
  • To deter shoplifting, internal and external shrinkage and help managers recognize employee manipulation of systems.
  • Additional Investigative Services.
  • Store closing and parcel checks.
  • Electronic equipment for surveillance.
  • Employee background checks and pre-employment screening.


AJ-SSIS loss prevention services provide customized theft and fraud protection. Licensed security professionals investigate all forms of risk that may impact your reputation, operations and bottom line. Our corporate and retail services are adaptable to budget changes, seasonal needs and carry full liability insurance and indem nify our clients.