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Protection Services

AJ-SSIS’s Protection program offers tailored, protective services that are unique, effective and work towards the well-being of our clients.

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Employment Screening

Through Screening, we provide thorough, detailed reports for each job applicant and retain all of the information on our secure data system to ensure customer confidentiality.

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Integrated Security

At Aj-SSIS, we offer a wide array of electronic security products and services, including digital security surveillance systems, access control and burglar alarm system monitoring.

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Uniformed Security

To feel safe at one’s home is one of life’s most basic requirements.  In an urban residential building, it takes considerably more than a lobby attendant and cameras to achieve that feeling.

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Loss Prevention

AJ-SSIS loss prevention services provide customized theft and fraud protection. Licensed security professionals investigate all forms of risk that may impact your reputation, operations and bottom line.

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Special Events Security

No event is too big or too small, at AJ-Spider, we have you covered!  Foot patrols, vehicle patrols, static guards and personal protection, we offer it all!  Special events are our specialty!

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Our Principles

Management Principles

Since inception, AJ-Spider Security Services has been guided by the following principals; to satisfy our customer’s needs with high quality services/products, to contribute to the safety of the community through training and protection, and to build a company of which we are all proud, through the efforts of self-motivated employees.

Our Corporate philosophy

Aj-Spider Security’s Philosophy will follows the seven principles in full compliance with the laws and regulation and rules.

1. Good corporate Citizenship in Harmony with Society.

We will grow as good corporate citizens, in harmony with our employees and clients.

2. Respect for Human Rights.

We will build a corporate culture founded on respect for ALL individuals.

3. The Environment

We will endeavor to preserve the environment in every aspect of our corporate activities to ensure that future generations will inherit our beautiful Province.

4. Corporate Ethics

We will conduct our corporate activities in a spirit of sincerity and fairness based on a strong sense of ethics.

5. Health and Safety

We will enable our employees to achieve a healthy life style by creating an environment that assures their health and safety

6. Customers

We build quality customized security services for each client, based on the client’s individual needs.

7. Employees

We will grow together with our employees by creating an organization that encourages free communication with a spirit of respect for all, in line with our corporate culture of challenge and innovation.

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